Year THREE!!!

Life, as we all know has a way of keeping us busy. Two months into school, 17 days until Halloween (which my students are so excited about), and 2 months until Christmas break (which I’m extremely excited for as I will be home this Christmas). Where has the time gone!?!



My students are in the routine of school and I am loving every minute of it! Keep in mind these are the same students I had last year and this year… and let’s just say life in Miss Courtney’s classroom has done a 180! Behaviors have positively changed, students are typically on time and at school nearly everyday, improvements are being made and I’m asking myself… Did I teach that to these students? There is no way that was me… Was it? Many of my students are already exceeding well beyond where I was expecting them to be. I guess I, two months into school am still in shock of the milestones my students have achieved. I have students READING and WRITING!!!! And guess what?! THEY LOVE IT!!! And in case you couldn’t tell… I’m one proud teacher! As I reflect upon where my students were at last year and where they are now, I am amazed. But, it goes to show what a whole lot of love, support, and trust is capable of doing in a child’s life. It’s like the saying goes “A child doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

So as you have figured out school is one of the many things that has kept me very busy. But I’ve had a few other fun things that has made life interesting…



It was probably the most excited thing ever! And in case you aren’t aware…WAY BIGGER than a deer!!! When I first shot at it I didn’t even think I was the one who killed it. I’m pretty sure I probably closed my eyes after I pulled the trigger (I’ve been told I tend to do that). hehe! But I shot ‘er alright… straight through the lungs. In case you have never seen the process you have to go through in order to get the moose home let me just give you a visual…

In the village we travel by boats when the river isn’t frozen… So that day we had traveled way up the Yukon River and had searched all day for a moose to “catch”. We finally stopped and climbed up a bank where we had seen a great big moose which unfortunately took off because of the unfamiliar noises. So as we walked around and waited 3 moose began to swim across the slough. So, naturally we began running toward the moose (I mean you have to get a good shot). Finally, the moose is shot from the boat and of course decides that it wants to fall towards the water… That means you have to quickly get it to ensure that it doesn’t slide all the way in the water. So we (two grown men and myself) proceed to strategically pull this rather large, extremely heavy animal towards land on the tiny beach. Which takes at least 30 minutes of pulling this leg then that leg, and now let’s get the head and pull over here. After that is done it is time to get it cut into manageable sizes so we are capable of taking it home and cutting the meat. I knew I should have ate my wheaties that day I was shocked to realize on my own I couldn’t even get the animals’  leg into the boat. I stood by and attempted to help about 1hour and half later all the pieces of the moose were in the boat and we were heading home. All that to say, it was definitely a lot tougher than I realized and a lot of work to catch a moose.