A Coach’s Heart…

“Dance practice was an hour ago, come on let’s play ball”. ” We are shooting layups, once you master that you can try your NBA moves”.  “We are going to work on blocking out make sure you put your booty into someone”. “Hustle”. ” Defense”. “Hands up”. “Keep pushing”. “Don’t give up”. 


These words are spoken on a daily basis. I truly never realized how exhausting coaching could be; it’s a constant repetition, “hustle, “hands up”, “play defense”, and the occasional  “boys quit goofing off”. I have definitely become dang good at giving “come to Jesus” speeches. Honestly, I’m pretty impressed with myself… never knew I had it in me! haha Regardless, of all the irritations and frustrations of coaching, the few grey hairs I’m sure I’ll have after this, and the constant fight with the kids about turning in homework and keeping up with school work I am able to find those things that make it all worth my time. The kids after almost two months have come along way. I mean as far as basketball we have a long way to go but they work hard almost everyday. I am noticing those that gave me problems in the beginning of the season are becoming more respectful. Those that were struggling in school have started keeping up with grades or at least putting in a little more effort. (Of course when you force them to do homework during practice until grades are up they all decide maybe we should do a little more). As for myself, I have grown a lot. I have learned a lot about myself through this and have definitely gained a huge appreciation for those that took time out of their lives to coach me. I had some pretty spectacular coaches looking back. I learned that these kids just need you they don’t care if you are the best at coaching. They don’t care if you don’t have very good motivational speeches (I mean they don’t listen anyways). They want someone to joke with, someone to be able to talk to, and someone to have high expectations for them. They (even if they say differently) want someone to push them, to make them go further than they have ever gone, and to support them even when they may fail. I’ve learned coaching isn’t about who can yell the loudest, who can give the best speeches, or even who can lead the kids to a championship. Coaching is all about a relationship. Each and every coach I have ever had has definitely made a huge impact on my life whether they know it or not. They obviously knew the true secret of coaching. I pray that I can have an impact on the lives of my athletes the way my coaches throughout the years have had on mine….


This is what happens when your girl’sImage team gets your phoneImage



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  1. Wow Courtney sounds like you are doing a great job!! I think the kids are blessed to have you as their teacher and coach! Sure miss seeing you! God’s blessings to you as you make a big difference in the kids lives! Hugs and Prayers Ms. Barb

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