Tales from Ms. Courtney’s First Grade…

 Between my kiddos, Student Council, Book Fair, Volleyball ball games, and of course City League Basketball, you could say my life has been pretty hectic lately! I’m sure that every time I write I blog I tell you how my kids have come such a long way, but it seems as if they truly have! Most are beginning to read on there own (which makes this teacher really happy)!!! I was starting to wonder if I would ever see the day! They are such little troopers and they give me something to laugh about everyday. So here are a few stories I would love to share about the best first grade class ever! 

Even though I will probably have grey hairs by the end of the year my kids are arguably the best kids in the school (and the funniest)! A couple weeks ago I was having a terrible day. Kids weren’t listening, they were acting like they didn’t know how to behave, they were basically acting like animals crawling around my room, making noises, and the list could go on and on… Apparently the things that my mom did to us as kids, you know the things we all swore we wouldn’t do, yep those things, I’m guilty of doing! I decided “By golly, you aren’t going to listen? Well, I’m gonna get cha.” So I had the bright idea of picking out the students that were doing the bad behavior and saying “Would you like to teach? I’m sure you would be a much better teacher than me.” That, as I have seen before, works… on MOST children, however when you have a child that is as ornery as myself you begin to run into some problems. This particular child decides that she is a better teacher than me so she takes my pointer and my seat and proceeds to teach the rest of the kids. It was obviously not what we were learning but I was definitely impressed with her efforts. So as upset as I was had finally had to crack a little smile knowing that this girl truly wasn’t trying to be smart with me, she just really thought I wanted her to teach…

I think my second all time favorite from this year…SO FAR… is when one of my girls started throwing a fit because she didn’t get the “perfect attendance award”. For those of you who know me well, you know crying (for no good reason) just annoys me. So again I think back and ask myself WWMMD? (What would my mom do?) And of course, the obvious answer to that question would be to cry LOUDER!!! So being the mature adult that I am I started throwing a fit in front of my entire class… A few of my kiddos really seemed to be concerned that their teacher was….well, for lack of better words, going cra cra… However, most of them just kind of chuckled to themselves and whispered to each other Ms. Courtney is really laughing right? Well, long story short the girl that was crying decided that it’s kind of weird when her teacher cries about silly things. So needless to say she dried up those tears and put a big ole smile on her face. 

These are just a few of the many memories that I have made with these awesome kiddos over the last few months. Although at times I want to pull all my hair out I truly love these kids so much!! They are some of the best kids I’ve ever known!!! I am looking forward to the rest of the year with these kiddos!!!  ImageImage



  1. So good to read your update and to know you are loving the special times with your students and loving your Alaskan adventures. What a great year you are experiencing. After teaching for 32 years I can really relate to some of your classroom experiences….I like how you turned the tables to show your students that teachers “cry” too….what a great learning experience for them and one that they will remember and talk about for years.

    What are your Christmas plans? We are staying in Az and in January we are celebrating our 39th anniversary with a trip to one of our favorite cities:San Diego.

    We enjoy reading about your experiences and wish you the very best.

    Diane and Dick Smith ( your seat mates from Phoenix to Anchorage)

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