Saturday Walk

                                                                               “There is a God; this is the proof
                                                             That all around the evidence is speaking the truth
                                                        From the center of my soul to the edge of the universe
                                                                   Creation is crying out believe it or not” 33 Miles

Last Saturday I set out with camera in hand, a backpack full of fruit roll ups, cheese-its and water. Obviously that is all you need to go on an adventure of any kind. I figured that all the bears SHOULD be in hibernation so I should be fine but just incase I had packed my hunting knife to take along. Although I was later scolded by my mother and a few close friends about not telling anyone where I was going I was extremely happy I decided to venture out on my own. 

As always the view was absolutely astounding, a bit chilly to say the least, but well worth the time. The Yukon River that once danced in the sun is now a frozen sheet of ice that stretches for miles and miles with the exception of a few gaping holes (but that’s just minor details).  In just a few more weeks these gaping holes will be frozen and nearby villages will begin using this waterway as a roadway. Sitting on the snowy tundra looking across the wilds of Alaska, I realized how truly blessed I am to be in a place as beautiful as this. As the sun glittering across the snow and the soft snow clouds slowly drifted toward the village I decided that it was time to head back to “civilization”. Although the trip up Cupcake was quite strenuous in the snow and I’ve been complaining about my knees hurting for at least the last week; it was well worth the pain. The beauty of God’s creation was much too spectacular to miss that day! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage







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