I can’t believe that we are already half way through October. It’s crazy to see how much everything has changed in the few months that I’ve been here. The colors have changed drastically and you can tell that winter is not far away. The days are getting much shorter and that midnight sun is now just a fond memory, but nonetheless, I am excited for the next piece of my adventure. 

Recently, I was able to travel to Pilot Station for a district inservice. So, I packed my bags, bundled up and headed towards the airport (which is a small heated building and several hundred feet of a gravel strip). At this point it still hadn’t registered with me that my means of transportation is quite uncommon to many. It hadn’t quite registered that I was… well, in the middle of nowhere. Shortly after loading this small caravan, buckling in, and take off I realized that I am one of the lucky few who get to experience the untouched beauty of this land. That is the moment I realized I pretty much have the coolest job ever! The remainder of the trip I just gazed out my window looking, taking in all of God’s beautiful creation and thinking how lucky I am to be a part of this world that many do not know exist!

Each day I just love my little first graders more and more. They are the cutest little things. Thirty-one days ago, I was in tears. I was questioning my decision to come to this village and teach. I questioned spending the last four years working so hard to accomplish what I thought was my dream. Since that time I realized that I wouldn’t trade these kids for anything in the world! They mean more to me than I ever could of imagined. I know all teachers get attached to their kiddos but here it’s so different. It’s almost like you become part of their family. It’s not uncommon for my girls to come knocking on my door right after school just to say hi, or when I walk home from school hearing “Hi, Ms. Courtney.” My kids even want to stay after school with me. All day they ask me “Ms. Courtney, time go home?” but the moment 3:30 rolls up they all beg to stay. These kids are something else,  my favorite thing is that they are very observant and then they assume things. So, I live in a duplex right beside the school with my roommate and beside me live, as my kids call him “my husband”. What my kids don’t understand is that even though we go in and out of the same door there are really two houses. Since they don’t understand that they keep tabs on my “hubby”. They tell me when he goes to store and they inform me that your husband buys lots of junk. It’s funny because these kids also ask if I can give them money for soda or candy at different times and I just say well remember when you saw my husband buying all that junk, well he spent all my money. They just giggle and promise me they are going to get on to him for me. 

School is just flying by and before I know it the Holidays will be here. Student Council is finally up and going and we will actually have our first event this coming Friday. I feel like I am one of the luckiest teachers ever because I get to work with every age group. I get to teach the young ones, encourage the jr./highschool students in student council, teach bible lessons with 9-12th grade and coach 7/8 grade basketball. I am looking forward to all these awesome adventures! ImageImage


Our caravan to PS




Flying above this…crazy how untouched it is! 




Above Pilot Station




Pilot is so pretty with all it’s trees! 









These lovely ladies and I spent our district inservice at Pilot Station! 




Beautiful Sunrise one morning on my way to school! 


MMMMMMM…That white stuff is whale….Love early out days get all sorts of good food! 


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