I’m a Survivor!

My four years of college did not prepare me for this one dreaded day! I thought I was prepared, I thought I knew what I was doing! I just graduated and my professors always spoke of this day. They had told me everything I needed to know, however, knowledge was all I had. What I learned today…EXPERIENCE is EVERYTHING! Being the new, young, recently graduated teacher I thought to myself oh I got this! Everyone just makes the first day seem so awful. After my first day of officially being a teacher, I understand why the first day is dreaded.

I should have known anything that can go wrong, well, with my luck, will GO WRONG! Let’s just start from the beginning. After hunting all my students down in the cafeteria my class and I head to our room. The most amazing thing happened. The kids they walked in a straight line, it was quiet and I didn’t even have to tell them. At this point any other teacher would have been suspicious, I suppose. The place where I believe I went wrong was the minute I thought to myself “oh, this will be easy.” The morning went fairly well until about 9:30 am (keep in mind my kiddos arrived at 8:50.) Many of you may not know but Mountain Village DOES NOT have drinkable water. In order to drink the water you must have a distiller of some sort. With that being said my classroom does not have a distiller therefore I have NO WATER. This presents the first issue of the day! Every child told me at least 2 times they were “dying” of thirst apparently. Thank the Lord Ms. Leann popped her head into my room and saved the day. So everything is perfect after the water fiasco you think, right? Well let me inform you that it did not get better. Later in the day, one of my kiddos somehow managed to stab herself in the palm with a pencil. Now, a pencil, you think can not do much damage. If you thought this statement to be true, let me inform you it is in fact, false. A pencil can leave a hole the size of a crater. With that being said, immediately there was a gushing of tears and blood and of course 10 students huddled around you with expressions of worry on their faces. At any normal school I would have sent this child to the nurse, however, we have a secretary, no nurse. Once again, one of the aides just so happened to save the day, Ms. Mollie mentioned that she was going to take her to the office to get it checked out. I’m sure you guys are thinking, it gets worse….well yes, yes it does. I finally decide to take my students outside to recess. No big deal! They were wonderful even though I did have to teach a brief lesson on “guys we don’t spit into the wind, we spit with the wind.” Four years of college and who would have thought that is a very valuable lesson to teach our young. What became the next issue was one of my students “forgot” he was inside and spit on my bathroom floor. When I addressed him about it he just shrugged his shoulders like no big deal! My last, I guess you could say, “surprise” of the day came after all my kids had left. I walk into my class bathroom and realize a child has peed on my floor.  So folks that was my wonderful first day of 1st grade. I hear it can only get better?!


After a few tears and a talk with many teachers I felt much better, and NOT everything about today was terrible. So, perhaps I shall mention a few positives. 1.My kids were so precious (this morning all they did was stare at me then giggle.)

2. They are so sweet and I have received more hugs today than I have in the last 4 weeks.

3. The coolest thing is that even though they struggled to focus and stay awake at times I know they did the best they could

4. They are so stinking funny! (I had the kids at the library and I asked the girls to put their books up. Well they did and stuck them straight up in the air.) (One little boy kept asking me “where is your this kind?”)

A verse that came to mind today and at least 3 people have sent me  is

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I have one day down and 169 days to go (with my students).


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