A Typical Day (in the Bush)

Less than one week and school will begin! I am so excited for that first day with my kiddos! As much as we need all the weeks of training and meetings I may go crazy if I don’t get to see my class soon! My classroom is almost completely decorated, math board is up, things are finally organized, and my to do list is dwindling down.

The weather was very nice this past weekend. After spending the entire night and into the early morning at school on Friday, it was great that I could finally get away from the classroom and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation! Saturday afternoon I set out on an adventure with two lovely ladies. I had decided that I wanted to hike to the top of “cupcake” which is apparently what the hill towering the village is called. I had heard of the beautiful view and was very excited to see for myself. When I finally reached the top I felt like I just climbed Mt. Everest! It was exhausting, but well worth it. The view, was just as I had been told, BEAUTIFUL!! Not only could you see the entire village down below, but you could see the Yukon stretch for miles and miles in either direction. There was no telephone poles, or buildings to distract from the simple beauty of the land. Not only was it gorgeous, but the abundance of berries was spectacular! We spent hours taking in the the fresh air, enjoying the beautiful outdoors and picking berries!

After church on Sunday, I decided that I would take that day off and just have a lazy day. Let’s just say I’m pretty sure a “lazy day” is impossible around here. Apparently, I have some amazing fish cutting skills that everyone wants now. I mean I did cut up 4 Salmon with an uluq, so I like to believe that I am pretty impressive. Anyways, my skills were called upon to help clean and cut some fish up! I don’t think many people knew that was only my 2nd maybe 3rd time of doing this so they asked for my help. After attempting to use a “normal knife” I had to call for the uluq. An hour later….I think I had cut up the fish correctly, regardless I was feed an amazing salmon dinner with instant potatoes and all! And don’t forget the glass of coffee! Soon after, we were invited on a boat ride down the Yukon! Its a little terrifying to know that there is no one around besides you and the two others in your boat! The view was breathtaking! I got to see the place that is called clearwater…It is where the Yukon meets with another body of water and you can see the line. One side is muddy water and the other side is obviously “clearwater.” It was a lot of fun to be able to fish and experience the life from a natives’ eyes.

So, for all the people that have told me “whale blubber” is disgusting and that is the nastiest thing you can eat….I just want you to know that you are wrong. It was definitely interesting with a unique taste but quite delicious! I would recommend trying it! I have also been introduced to Herring eggs on grassy stuff…not to bad either. And to top it all off today I was able to try some seal meat and blubber that a fellow teacher had brought from home.

That’s all for now…better get to work! ImageImageImageImageImage



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