The First Week

So much has happened in just a few short days since my last post! I’ve learned you can make bread… an oven. Mind blowing, I know, especially when all your life you believed one must have a bread maker to make bread. Obviously, I was shown there is a way. I learned the technique of braiding the bread. I pretty much feel like a pro! I’ve also learned that you can use dried eggs and dried milk and your waffles will still taste the same! And if you want to really want to make them extra good add some handpicked blueberries from the tundra! So whenever you all want to visit I will be pretty much as good as Betty Crocker, Rachel Ray…you know all those great cooks!

Monday was a beautiful day here in Alaska! I can honestly say that was the first day since I’ve been here I thought it was HOT! (I believe it was only 68 degrees!) I took advantage of that and went on a stroll to walk along the Yukon River! Many locals are still on the river fishing for Salmon and we saw a few women cutting, cleaning and smoking the fish so it can be saved for the long winter. The view along the beach is just breathtaking. I still can not believe this river will be completely frozen over in a few months! But until then I am enjoying this beautiful weather and taking advantage of the berry picking and trying to not think about how cold it is going to get in just a few months!

The kids here are just so stinkin cute! They all want to know your name and what grade you are teaching! It’s so funny to have a 5 year old come up to you and quiz you about where you live, what you teach, what you name is, and the list goes on and on. It just funny, no matter where you go, kids are kids.

I have spent many hours in my classroom this week shifting my piles to different corners of the room trying to organize and prepare for my 13 1st grade students. I am so excited to meet these kiddos! I found out that I have an aide that will help me throughout the year! It’s been great to have another body to help me finish cleaning and preparing the room! I can’t believe school starts in just a little over a week! I still have so much to do, but I am so excited to begin teaching these precious little children!




  1. I love your pictures.. I can’t believe you have 13 students, I have 27 and no aide! I am moving those same piles around in my room too, and tomorrow is our 5th day. Is the cabin along the lake your shack? Keep the pics coming. Love, Kay

  2. Courtney, we are glad you reached your new home safely and are getting ready for the school year. We had a great trip around Alaska and want to return in the future. The Homer area is just beautiful and we also enjoyed Seward. And the seafood was so terrific and being from the Phoenix area, we rarely have fresh seafood. We sure enjoyed meeting you and look forward to reading about your year.

  3. Like Kay, when I saw the picture with the Fire Weed, I too thought, oh my gosh it is a Shack, lol! Of course I loved the photo of you cutting the Salmon up. Kinda made my mouth water thinking about how good Aunt Sandra’s salmon tastes, I bet yours will be every bit as good.

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