From Anchorage to the Bush

Wednesday morning I boarded my plane to leave everything I have ever known behind and to come and experience Bush Alaska! Talk about scary! I boarded my 28 passenger plane and left the world as I knew it behind. Less than two hours later, I had arrived in St. Mary’s. Ok, when I think airport I defiantly don’t think one room building with coffee brewing for the passengers….but that’s what it was. Soon after arriving my name was called and was told they were ready to take me to my village (which is only a 10 minute flight). The pilot came and got me and took me to this thing that looked like a toy plane! I couldn’t believe that is what was taking me to my new home! Even better, I got to ride shotgun! So after about 3 hours, landing on two gravel strips and praying that this was nothing like that “Fly Wild Alaska” show (where they start throwing my luggage out) I arrived in Mountain Village!

Upon arriving I was taken to what I like to call “My Shack”. I guess things could ALWAYS be worse. But after seeing that I was ready to call Mrs. Sara Lay and have her come pick me up! I wanted to go back to all that I knew. I mean being a first year teacher is kind of tough anyways then throwing a new home, new culture, and a new way of life in the mix is well, a little overwhelming! As of now though, I am enjoying and absolutely loving my new home. I’ve started to meet many of the students that will be in our building and various people in the community.

In our village we have two small stores, and three very small churches. Aside from that there is really not much to do. We’ve went on walks around the village, and walked to the Yukon River (which is right down the hill from my house). Saturday we decided to venture out to the tundra to do some berry picking. Ok, when someone tells you there is a nice little blueberry patch over there, I think hey there must be normal sized bushes with decent sized berries on them. NOPE, that’s not what they mean at all. They weren’t bushes at all they were little pieces of grass that baby sized berries grew on. Regardless, we came away with a plethora of berries and this morning was able to make blueberry pancakes.

Until the next adventure!



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