Lets go shopping!


This week has flown by but somehow we have managed to accomplished a lot! From almost getting sick over taking a test for a drivers license to running all over the state of alaska to get a phone that works in the village….Then came the fun part……

I had my first ever experience shopping for the Bush.

Ok, so you may think going to Walmart is the worst experience ever but just for a moment imagine this…

4 stores
Grocery shopping
10.5 hour day
Outrageous traffic
Stocking several months worth of food
Driving carts that look like small trailers
Packing 7 18 gallon totes
Hauling them to the post office
Basically doing to post office mans job

Yeah, believe me this girl will never complain about having to make a run to Walmart.

I cannot express the joy that I was filled with when I sat that last tote on the scale for that post office man. I have never in my entire existence shopped that long for groceries and the next time that happens will be WAY TO SOON! All in all, it was a very successful day. Thankfully, I had the help of an expert, ms. Amanda Hunt. Without her the day would have been….well I don’t even want to think about that….it definitely would not have been successful. Enjoy some picture below of our shopping extravaganza!




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